What is REDIM?

The Repository of Experimental Data & Intelligent Models (REDIM) is an open and free repository. It makes Process models, or even experimental data available to the global research community. This enhances the reproducibility of experiments, reduces redundant research and allow for new discoveries. Furthermore, the availability of process models which can predict process outcome simply based on input conditions opens the universe of virtual experimentation. Virtual experimentations save laboratory resources, process development time and cost.

Submission of Data

On REDIM platform, you can submit Process Models, Experimental data or both whether published or unpublished. The user decides whether a submission is private or public. Only public submissions are accessible to the research community. After each submission, the owner receives an Accession Number and a Link that can be referenced in the publication. This implies that for Process Models made public, the research community can download and use them, or a reviewer can access while reviewing the manuscript.

Database Search

Searches on the repository can be directed for both Process Data and Process Models, Process data or Process Models only. The user chooses the appropriate option, then enter a related keyword or keyphrase. The obtained results can be selected and downloaded. Each downloaded Process model has sufficient information to run from its downloaded folder without the need of any software installation.